March 07 2017
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Jacob Stoecken
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How To Choose A Direction To Setup A Tent


Linda King - September 11 2017

When camping with the Artic Monsoon TeePee, you have flexibility concerning pitching directions. The TeePee Tent has two big beautiful doors with mesh screens in addition to the windows
I LOVE my Arctic Monsoon tents!

Jacob-Arctic Monsoon Team - July 11 2017

Thanks for your comment Gene, this is another great piece of advice I did not consider!

GENE - June 22 2017

Another important thing to do before deciding on the orientation of your tent is to lie down on your ground cover in what you think your best orientation should be. Relax a few minutes and let your circulation take over. The purpose of this is simply to see if your head is positioned above your heart. If it is not, you may feel some slight pressure as the weight of your circulating blood moves toward your head.

Obviously, your body is used to having most of the blood below the heart. Reversing that, and then spending the night in that position might result in some discomfort by morning. Check it out, this only takes a few minutes and may result in giving you a much more restful night of sleep.

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